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Our Factory

Our factory is located in Downtown Los Angeles and they produce 100% of our apparel. We created these videos as a way to invite our community into our process and share an inside look at how our garments are made and the conditions that they are made in. Here, we take a look at our factory’s operation, and why they are one of the best in the league when it comes to jersey and fleece.  Please note our small accessories such as hats, exercise equipment and jewelry are made overseas. Videography by: Aether Films. The Facility 
Our factory has taken steps to reduce energy consumption by over 30%. This includes switching all lighting to energy efficient LED, with motion sensors so that they remain off when there is no movement in a room. Every machine is in a vacuumed enclosure. This helps vacuum the lint that is created in the knitting process. It not only helps with the quality of the fabric, but also keeps the factory clean, as well as cleaning the air that the employees breathe. Everything is properly organized and labelled, optimizing efficiency in the workflow.

Milling & Knitting the Fabric 
Our factory is unique in that they knit their own fabric in house, a process that is not very common with domestic factories. All of their knitting machines are produced by the best Japanese manufacturer, ensuring quality remains high. By knitting their own fabric, our factory is able to reduce damages and defects as they are able to troubleshoot their machines on the spot.

Quality Control & Waste Our factory prides themselves on quality control, inspecting every single roll off of their knitting machines. Most factories only inspect 1-2 rolls per order, leaving room for error and defects. The job is tedious, but it’s what makes them so good at what they do. By taking strict quality control measures, they have reduced their working loss by more than 50% compared to the industry average. This helps them become more sustainable in their operations by reducing waste and increasing efficiency.

Any fabric that is leftover- scraps or damages- are sorted out by content and recycled. The fibres are then repurposed for use in their Ecolife yarns (aka: recycled cotton).

Employees & Working Conditions Though their process and quality control is impressive, the most important aspect of their business is their employees— a majority of which have been working at the factory for over 20 years. Workers are paid above minimum wage, plus overtime and benefits. Our factory also ensures a clean, safe and comfortable working environment for all its employees, who are often promoted to top management positions.