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At Sporty & Rich, we haven’t always done as much as we should when it comes to advocating for gender and racial equality, humans and women’s rights, or giving back to those who are most vulnerable and discriminated against in our society. We know that as a brand with a platform and voice, we have a responsibility to uplift and protect those who need it the most. That’s why we pledge to work with organizations and nonprofits who fight against injustice and raise awareness through ongoing projects and initiatives.

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Our Community

We know that the influencer market is flooded with mostly white women. We’ve made a concerted effort to help combat this cycle by ensuring that our gifting list consists of at least 70% POC at all times. We are constantly on the look out for POC who would like to be part of our community, so if you like what we do, shoot us an email us at

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Causes We Support

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