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Sporty & Rich Spa

133 Greene St NYC

Natural Face Lift Sculpting & Remodeling Massage - $250

Best described as a “natural” face lift, our facial combines a multitude of techniques such as acupressure, lymphatic drainage, buccal massage, and a targeted, deep tissue massage that all work in tandem to help lift, tighten and tone the skin. This treatment will help stimulate the skins collagen and work the face’s muscles, leaving you looking contoured, awake, de-puffed and youthful with a healthy glow. Fine lines, wrinkles and saggy skin are all a natural part of aging- with this treatment, we can help to prevent and reduce the severity of these characteristics with consistency supported by a healthy diet and lifestyle.

Lymphatic Body Sculpting & Remodeling Massage - $275

Send us an email at spa@sportyandrich.com to be added to the waitlist.

Our lymphatic sculpting massage combines various techniques for a lasting and visible result. We created the most effective treatment that combines lymphatic drainage, body reshaping, sculpting and contouring for any body shape and type. This massage uses traditional Brazilian and Eastern European techniques that work to stimulate the lymphatic system as well as break up fat deposits under the skin’s surface. With consistent treatments, the result is toned, firmer skin, a contoured waist, arms, butt and legs, an increase in the body’s removal of toxins, and the prevention and reduction of cellulite, stretch marks, uneven skin texture and tone. This treatment will leave you looking toned and tight and the results will only get better with each session.